Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Another Day...Another 14 trillionth of a point

What a day, what a day. As far as the weather went, the day was a marvel. The sun burned through an azure sky and I was sure the Bridge Center would be sparsely populated on this beautiful summer morning. But once again I underestimated my fellow addicts, er, bridge players and instead of enjoying God's gift of warm breezes and Vitamin D they chose to suffer the consequences of an underbid slam or an overbid part-score. The room was once again packed from candy table to shanty town, not a table was spared. 

But as far as the games went, the day had some ticklish moments. First of all, the candy basket - it turns out someone is NOT contributing to the candy fund. We have a $1200 deficit on candy expenditures. People have the gall to grab a sweet and not deposit the requisite 50 cents into the money tin. So we were duly reprimanded for that before the games began and someone even suggested mounting  cameras above the basket to catch the pilferers. I think it's a marvelous idea because as Madonna once said, nothing's worth doing if it's not being videoed (or something like that). 

So we got past that uncomfortable announcement and proceeded to play. Around hand three, the electronic age rebelled. The computer refused to take our scores and we were instructed to...now wait for this...write. our. scores. down. with. a. pencil. and. paper. This caused such an uproar. What's a pencil? What's paper? What is writing?? Grumbling and murmuration filled the air as tiny pieces of white squares and wooden sticks of lead were being passed out. We were given more instructions and then more instructions and we tried to comply. Time ticked by and we finally used our hands and fingers and those other things I just mentioned and scratched figures down...just in time for the computer to start working again. The nerve!

After 20 minutes wasted on manual labor we were told to throw those white things away and re-enter all the score into the computer as per usual. I was exhausted and we had 3 more hours of playing to go.

But it was worth it. Cindy and I came in second and received a whopping .0000014 points! What a day!

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