Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake!

A funny thing happened on the way to the Bridge Center this month. Life. Life happened on my way to bridge and I missed a few weeks. So my friends had to update me on the latest news.

Apparently the Life Masters had another party. The bouquet of delectable delights once again floated into the NLM room, completely obliterating the aroma of Chex Mix and yogurt. 

But there was to be no invitation this time. "You have been asked NOT to go into the Life Masters' room and share in their meal today," said the director. "They are having a catered event and they've asked that you NOT go in there."

As you can imagine, there was (I am told) a lot of hubbub and chatter amongst the NLM players at this announcement. People were indignant and tore into their pre-packaged food items a little more spitefully than normal. Chex Mix was crunched harder and yogurt cups were scraped louder.

But as NLM are wont to be, they were gracious. They (allegedly) smiled politely when the Life Masters walked through the room in the middle of their game disturbing the NLM concentration and bumping into their chairs (not meaning to, of course - it's just very tight in there). They sat tall in their seats and valiantly deposited their quarter for a tiny Kit Kat or miniature Tootsie Roll from the candy basket when their sweet tooth ached, even though the smell of fluffy desserts drifted dangerously past their nostrils.

As the story goes, however, this dignified comportment must have paid off. The following week a different announcement was made. "The Life Masters have invited you in for cake today. Only four people at a time and be very quiet." Marie Antoinette would have been pleased.

But, seriously, the Life Masters are always generous when they have parties and we thank them for it. I just wish the NLM could cook.

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