Monday, February 11, 2013

The Great Escape

 Last week it was my turn to have the fab foursome at my house for bridge. I was dreading it.

I haven't played a lot of bridge lately. Going to a nursing home every day and watching a strong, beautiful, vibrant woman languish into a bedridden invalid was about all I could handle. The thought of  preparing lunch and then playings 16 hands of bridge... well, building the Panama Canal seemed like an easier task. 

But I put on my big girl pants and made a pretty good spinach quiche (even tweaking it somewhat by using healthier ingredients). The gals walked in just as the sun came out from behind the clouds providing us with brilliant sunshine all afternoon (rare in February). And the next three hours flew by in laughter and horrible bridge playing. My troubles melted away. So what that I opened my hand with four hearts and my partner took us to game and we went down three. Who cared? We ate healthy quiche and told stories and had a lovely afternoon.

Several years ago I started playing bridge for something to do and to keep me out of the taverns. Last week I found another benefit of the game. It has an incredible way of taking you out of yourself. Certainly when you're playing more seriously at the Bridge Center and you're totally focused. But even when you're playing for fun with friends and acting silly. It is the great escape and, next to a pitcher of martinis, I can't imagine a better way to take a breather from life.  

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