Saturday, February 16, 2013

Love Was Everywhere

I had nearly forgotten it was Valentine's Day, even with the cheery shades of reds and pinks dotting the Bridge Center. But there was definitely love in the air and at table 9, where we sat north/south, we were giving out valentines right and left - to nearly everyone we played.

The first one was given to pair 4 who got their timid four spades bid kicked up to game when I foolishly doubled them. They made their contract and no one else bid it, so they got a nice chocolately sweet high board.

The next one was to pair 5. I played the three instead of the king from the doubleton on the board and my left hand opponent got it with her jack. Of course I lost the king the next round and they ended up with an extra trick and a big-red-heart-with-an-arrow-through-it high board for them.

Pair 7, having heard the news about free valentines being given out at table 9, arrived with big grins. This time it was my partner's turn to share the love. She left me in one spade when we both had opening hands and it easily made four. A dozen fragrant red roses and a high board for the grinners.

Luckily the goody table, laden with cupcakes and Hershey kisses, helped soothe my troubled mind. And I was further consoled when the director interrupted the game for a minute to make an announcement: "A woman's earring was found in the men's restroom. If anyone has lost an earring, come see me." 

My, my, I thought. Someone was giving away a lot more than high boards on this day of love!  My, my, my!

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