Thursday, December 4, 2014

Treats and Tricks

 It was a very chilling day, in more ways than one. The sky was the color of an old bruise, the wind whipped to froth, and, so cold. It was Halloween at the Bridge Center, although it felt more like a mid-winter day.

The smell of pumpkiny treats temporarily warmed us and my bridge partner even removed her coat for awhile. But then they came... parading through the NLM room...the Life Master goblins. 

First an over-sized boy dressed in shorts and suspenders with freckles on his face - pretty creepy. The token witch - not as creepy as the over-sized boy, and of course your headless gorilla, a moss zombie and the bloody twins from The Shining. Our collective blood ran cold. 

Wendy went back to the room where the ghouls were gathered simply to get cup of hot coffee and came back shaken. "I was just in hell," she cried!

I gasped. "Wendy what happened? Where they playing 2-over-1 or something?"

"No," she said. "Devils. Devils everywhere!" Some of us got up to take a look and sure enough, she was right. There were red devils and blue devils, even an egg that was deviled and black ones too. It looked like the inner circle of hell. I was glad I had very few master points.

Things quieted down for awhile and we got back to the game, continuing our trek for tricks (it was the first Halloween I can remember when I was hoping for more tricks than treats). 

Then..."He's breaking into my car! Someone help!" It was Judy. She was watching through the window as a guy dressed as a burgler tried to break into her red SUV in the parking lot. Luckily a guy dressed as a cop ran out from the back room and apprehended him. 
Finally a woman dressed as my bridge partner raised my no trump bid to 6 and that was the most frightening moment of the day.


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