Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bridge Blues

          It was a rainy day AND a Monday. My brown eyes were blue. I was thinking of giving up bridge. 
        I’m just not getting better. I’ve reached a plateau, like when you diet and you don’t lose any more weight. Everyone around me seems to be doing well- racking up points, getting Rookie of the Month -  and all I am is confused.
        Last week before our game, I was listening to our opponents as they discussed their bidding techniques:

“Do you play Cappelletti?”
“Ha ha. Well, we call it Hamilton but I think it’s the same thing.”
“Ha ha. Yes, I believe you’re right! What about Leaping Michaels?”
       They won all three boards and played as smoothly as Duke Ellington on the eighty-eights.

           I felt I was spending too much time on something I may not be cut out for. The definition of insanity came to mind: “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”
       So when the game ended, I disconsolately walked over to our club manager and asked her if a player with my (lack of ) ability should continue playing this game.
       She answered wisely: “Play at your level and you will always enjoy the game.”
       I can’t express how that one statement helped. I didn’t want to quit bridge. I had made friends there. I had fun there. They had good food there.
       I’m just going to take more lessons. 

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