Thursday, January 19, 2012

Partner Pride

        As the mercury descends, Joe gets out his winter sweaters. Today at the Bridge Center he had on a hand-knit oatmeal-colored number with three large purple tulips splashed across the chest.

     “Wow. That’s a beautiful sweater, Joe.” I said.
     “Well, I’ve got to do something when they lock the doors of the Center,” he replied.
     “YOU made that?”
     “Yes. My wife cooks and I knit.”

     Now Joe's partner Hank may not knit but he can hum a pretty good tune. Whenever he's the declarer he hums away. It must help him concentrate and it certainly helped with the tough 4 Spade contract he made. The round ended with Joe and Hank royally kicking Cindy and me.

       As fun as it was to hear about Joe’s knitting skills and to listen to Hank’s melodic hymn, I felt awful at bridge today. I let my partner down. She bid 2 clubs after my no trump bid and I completely forgot it was Stayman. I responded 3 clubs and if looks could kill...

     But my partner is gracious. She forgave me and said it’s only one game. I left humming. 


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