Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Student of the Game

      I continue to take lessons in Play of the Hand, Defense, Popular Conventions - you name it. And I also play two or three times times a week. 

      I’m beginning to feel the need to go to a place where you say, “My name is Elizabeth and I am a bridge player.” Am I an addict? I’m not sure. But I am definitely hooked. And this is strange because I have never been a card player and didn’t know a thing about bridge until the day I walked into the Center.

  The only experience I had with bridge were memories of my grandparents playing every weekend with their friends. We have old pictures of them sitting in their den in the 1940s, my grandmother in heels, a knit dress and pearls, my grandfather in a jacket. Their friends are sitting with them at a bridge table, that I now own, and four refreshing looking cocktails are perched at the corners. 

  But I play and struggle and thank the stars above for my new bridge partner Cindy. Holly has abandoned me for the balmier climes of Florida. Cindy is not new to bridge but she brushes up while I learn and she has become my friend as well as fellow empty-nester.

  The other day we played in a game and received 0.28 point. Our first fraction of a point! It was something to celebrate. I remembered to pass with 5 or fewer points! And when I got home from being at the Bridge Center all day, my son had left three messages on my phone. His last one said, “Well, it looks like you’ve adjusted to me being out of the house. You’re gone all the time.” 

  I’m gonna make it after all.....

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