Sunday, December 9, 2012

2 over 1 - cliff hanger resolution

When spring was in full bloom, the fearless four walked out of class ready to dominate the bridge table with one more tool in the old toolbox - 2 over 1. I almost looked with disdain upon those less equipped as the flurry of games began again and classes were now behind us.

We got back into the routine of playing at the usual places - the Bridge Center, Woodstock and friend's houses - and Cindy and I would say before each game, and I mean EACH game, "Ok, remember to play 2 over 1." Ok! 

Weeks went by. Spring turned to summer and summer fall - 2 over 1 never showed itself. Fall was on the verge of winter and... still...nothing. We were Vladimir and Estragon waiting for Godot. 

Then one day, when the frost was on the pumpkin, we played a hand that made 6 hearts and we only bid 2,  Cindy said, "I bid 2 diamonds over your heart opening." I answered dully, "So." "That was 2 over 1!!" She said excitedly. I was dumbfounded. I'd not only forgotten about the convention, I didn't even recognize it when it was right in front of me.

Then the following week, Cindy opened a spade and I responded 2 diamonds, my heart racing but my exterior cool and calm. She passed. We made 4. It was Cindy's turn for dumbfoundedness. It went on like this for weeks until I had had enough. 

Now what I'm about to tell you is not only shameful, but inexcusable. And it is all true:

We are at Woodstock. I take my hand out of the tray. I count my points - 13. Cindy opens a spade and I have five hearts. My interior dialog: "OMG! Here it is. We are NOT going to miss this." I reach into the bidding box and with a flourish so dramatic I could have been on stage at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, I lay down the 2 hearts bidding card. She doesn't pass! She rebids her spades! We get to slam! SHE GOT IT! WE DID IT.  It was amazing. It was spectacular. It was... so illegal.

Would Cindy have figured it out without my attention drawing gesture? Maybe. Did I think I this was inappropriate? Not at the time, but was I at a point so desperate I would have tried anything? Apparently, but as I said earlier, it was inexcusable.

So 2 over 1 and I are not friends. It reduced me to the lowest common denominator (see, I was right - fractions were involved) and made me ashamed of myself. And I regret the day we met.

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