Thursday, December 6, 2012

2 over 1 - is not fun

Late last year with the new year ahead of us and visions of many winning bridge games dancing in our heads, Cindy, Joan, Barb and I took a class called 2 over 1. At first I thought is had something to do with fractions and wanted no part of it. Then I was told, "Oh no - it's a very important game forcing bid. It will really help you get to the best game contract and explore slam possibilities." Well, I thought, who doesn't want to explore slam possibilities once in awhile??

So for eight intense weeks we went to class, took notes and studied. We learned: when 2/1 applies (not very often) and when it doesn't (more times than when it does); the advantages of 2/1 (not very many); 1 no trump forcing (messes up all you ever knew about a 1 no trump response); opener's rebid (too many to remember); responder's rebid (ditto); control showing bids (now it's definitely time to get out the gin bottle); the principal of fast arrival (sounds like some sort of sexual problem to me).

We duly completed the class and were sent out into the world. We were told we were ready- that everyone is playing this way, that more and more people convert every day and it would vastly improve our game.

Were they right? Were we ready to go out into that jungle and perhaps explore slam possibilities? Were we going to show them all what we were made of and take our game to the next level???

You'll never believe it when I tell you what happened...

To be continued...

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