Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter Solace

It was a good news/bad news kind of day today at the Bridge Center. Well, I take that was actually a good news/bad news/bad news day.

The good news is the Maya were wrong - the world didn't end as their calendar had predicted. It turns out the reason the Mayan calendar ended on December 21 is simply because they ran out of paper. Naturally the global population made much more of it than was warranted, as they usually do.

The bad news is a different story. Bad news #1 - my bridge partner and I came in last today and it mostly had to do with a math skill I do not possess called subtraction. What is it about 13 minus 8 that is so complicated? Twice I miscounted trump.

Bad news #2 is a little sadder. Having missed a bit of bridge lately, I wasn't exactly sure what the Christmas party schedule was this year. But it being four days before Christmas, I assumed there would be some gaiety and good cheer today.

So driving over to the Bridge Center on this cold and blustery winter's day - the roads thick with ice and the winds rattling my car - I dreamed of the food table filled with cake and pie and maybe ham. I danced and sang my way through the door and what did I see when I entered? Only an empty deviled egg container. No feast. No merrymaking. Just tupperware. I guess the party was held on Monday.

So I missed the Christmas party - the cake, the pie, the ham - and we were dead last in the game. But at least there will be a tomorrow.

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